What are they?

Instructor Workshops

The APPI Power Instructor Workshops are designed to teach experienced Paramotor and ParaTrike Pilots how to become Assistant Instructors, Instructors and Tandem Pilots.

The Assistant Instructor license is on offer for those who hold an Advanced Pilot rating and have been flying for at least 2 years with more than 50 hours. Safety is their primary concern and that’s what they want to pass onto their students by learning how to follow the APPI Power training systems. As an Assistant Instructor they can work in a school and gain teaching experience under the supervsion of an experienced Instructor. The Instructor license is on offer to those who have a high level of flying and teaching experience, as well as knowledge. The Tandem Pilot license is on offer to those who have a high level of experince and skill as a Pilot and wish to use Tandem flying as a method of instruction. To discover more about sitting an APPI Power workshop contact us on: secretary@appipower.org 

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