General Data Protection Regulation

In accordance with the 2016/679 directive of the European Parliament, APPI as a Swiss association with members in the European community must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It puts in place processes and measures to ensure optimal data protection and minimization of data collection. In order to guarantee a high level of confidentiality and transparency, we make it available to all our members regardless of their nationality or country of residence.

Data stored in the APPI database

The authentication procedure uses the username and password defined during the creation or modification of the parameters of his account. The current date as well as, if applicable, the identifier of the instructor who registered his student are collected during this operation. The password can be changed by its user. If the member is registered by his instructor, the user will have 2 months to confirm his account, beyond this personal data will be deleted and the account will be anonymized. In case of request of a member, this personal data is deleted and the account is anonymized in the month following the request to APPI secretariat.
  • Login ID, it’s unique, it’s your APPI license number,
  • First name, last name and date of birth, used as the digital identity of the user on the site,
  • Gender: used for statistics purpose, with the objective to reach gender equality
  • Status of the member (unconfirmed, unaffiliated, affiliated, suspended or canceled),
  • Email address, allows you to send your password to the website and correspond with your instructor or APPI secretariat,
  • Country of residence, allows your instructor to identify you more easily, and to offer page content specific to your country,
  • Telephone number, this one is optional, and allows your instructor to reach you more easily,
  • Residence address, optional, but necessary to send you your APPI membership card / certification,
  • Main language and spoken languages, to communicate with you in your language,
  • Date of registration and last modification of your APPI account,
  • Expiration date of your APPI membership,
  • Date of last connection to the site,
  • Website, optional, allows other members to know you better if you wish,
  • Facebook ID, optional, allows other members to communicate with you on facebook, if you wish,
  • Biography, optional, includes information about you that you want to share,
  • Other licenses, optional, includes the additional external qualifications you wish to share,
  • Notes, information about your educational background, written by your instructor or the APPI staff, visible only by the APPI staff, contains only data related to your paragliding training,
  • Photo ID, optional, but essential if you request the printing of your APPI certification card,
  • Introduction photo, optional, allows you to show in flight with your wing,
  • Additional data relating to your payments : contribution, certification card, insurance, miscellaneous fees and credit for instructors and masters.
  • The identification data and address of our members are communicated to our insurance company only if the member is insured via APPI,
  • type, number and date of validity of an official authentication document (identity card or passport), compulsory only in case of purchase of APPI insurance, in order to fight insurance scams,
  • type and date of validity of your APPI insurance.
  • Your current instructor or master is the one who issued you your last APPI qualification,
  • Your current APPI school is the APPI school for which your current instructor or master works,
  • Your APPI qualifications and certifications, include the status, the instructors or masters who issued it and the date of registration, validation and last modification,
  • Your qualifications and certifications by equivalence, include the name, reference and date of issue of the organization or person who issued it,
  • IPPI / Safepro level equivalent to your APPI qualifications.
Only affiliated instructors and masters can register a school in the APPI system. Affiliated pro-tandem pilots can register a flight center.
  • Name and country, identify the school,
  • A unique internal identification number is assigned,
  • Status, (currently being registered, valid, canceled or blacklisted),
  • The precise address, telephone number, email address and website, although optional, allow pilots or tandem passengers to reach them,
  • Geolocation coordinates, optional, allow to locate the school or flight center on the global map of the APPI school network,
  • The services offered by the school,
  • The opening dates of the school,
  • The courses, trainings and events offered by the school,
  • Description, optional, includes information about you that you want to share,
  • Remarks, additional information about the school or the flight center, visible only by the APPI staff, contains only data related to the training,
  • Additional data relating to school payments,
  • The flight site commonly used by the school, optional,
  • Photo or school logo or flight center, optional.
These data are completed online by our members, under their sole responsibility.
  • Name, identify the site,
  • Internal identification number, unique,
  • Country, city, postcode and address, essential to display information on this site,
  • License number of the person who registered the site,
  • Activities on this site (paragliding, PPG or paratrike),
  • Site description, mandatory,
  • Remarks, additional information on this site, visible only by the APPI staff, contains only data related to this flight site,
  • Number of accidents reported to APPI on this site,
  • Geolocation and altitude of takeoff and landing,
  • Gliding ratio,
  • Weather data,
  • Description of take-off and landing,
  • How to get to this site,
  • Special flight rules at this location,
  • Optimal period of use of this site.
The results of online examinations by students are stored, as well as the date and license number of the instructor who activated the exam. Statistics on exam results are posted to the instructors so that they can detect the weaknesses of their students. In the case of online training of a member, only the result of the last test is stored, each new test causes the erasure of the previous one.
Workshops and pro courses are the subject of an article in APPI’s monthly newsletter. We publish the photos of the participants with their agreement.
APPI forums are only accessible to members of APPI internal committees. For each message on a forum is registered the contributor’s license number and the date, time and IP address with of course the content of the message.
Accidents are reported online by our members, under the responsibility of those who write it. APPI uses its information to generate useful statistics for our insurance company.
  • Unique identification number of this accident in APPI,
  • Title and status,
  • Severity level,
  • Event date,
  • APPI license number of the victim,
  • APPI license number of the person presumed responsible,
  • Instructor and school responsible, if the pilot is a student,
  • Flight site, if it is registered in APPI,
  • If multiple statements, accident identification number already registered in APPI,
  • Country, address and exact location of the accident,
  • Description,
  • Remarks, additional information on the accident, visible only by the APPI staff, contains only data relating to this accident,
  • Geolocation of the accident site.
Complaints are reported online by our members, under the responsibility of those who write it. APPI uses its information to correct common problems or, if necessary, submit the case to the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Unique identification number of this complaint in APPI,
  • Title and status,
  • Severity level,
  • Recipient of the complaint : APPI, Pilot, Instructor, School or othe,
  • Date of registration and processing,
  • Identification number of another declaration for the same complaint (if also declared by another member),
  • Country concerned,
  • Description,
  • Remarks, additional information on the complaint, visible only by the APPI staff, contains only data relating to this complaint.
APPI is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website members. This policy sets out how we will treat your personal information. This policy governs, and is applicable to, your use of this website. The data collected will only be used to manage computer user accounts within the association and will not be disclosed to third parties, except within the terms of the Act of Switzerland. Limited information on members residing on their territory may be shared with air sports federations with which APPI has signed cooperation agreements. This information is as follows
  • First name
  • last name
  • country of residence
  • nationality
  • affiliation status
  • level of certification
  • date of certification
  • current school
  • current instructor
It is possible for the partner federation to contact a member resident on its territory via the APPI platform. The member's email address is not communicated to the partner federation.

If you want to get a copy of your information contained in the APPI site, login and click here . You will receive a confirmation by e-mail and the information will be sent to you within a maximum of 3 weeks.