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      Promote your educational events association APPI (40000)
      14 September 2021INFO
      Instructors, are your planning to give a class?

      APPI 1,2,3, XC, SIV or whatever other educational event, declare it in your school space, it will appear in the worldwide map. …

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      Pilot's meeting Tunisia association APPI (40000)
      25 September 2023INFO
      Following the agreement signed between the FTSAAA (Fédération Tunisienne des Sports Aériens et Activités Associées) and APPI, a first APPI / FTSAAA meeting will take place in Tunisia at the …

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      Workshop report August 2023: Good vibes in Organyà Manu Bonte (10914)
      03 September 2023INFO
      TANDEM Pro-workshop, Organyà Spain, August 17-23, 2023

      A high-profile Tandem Pro-workshop was held in mid-August in Organyà. The result of joint work with the RFAE (Real Federación Aeronáutica Española), it …

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      Interview: David Eyraud, the SIV master. Manu Bonte (10914)
      29 August 2023INFO
      Annecy, Europe's SIV Mecca, is where David Eyraud has been training generations of pilots for over 20 years. Interview with THE SIV master.

      📣 The 90s, the magic house of …

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      Pro Workshop India - May 2023
      13 July 2023INFO
      APPI is expanding its presence in North East India! This first-ever national paragliding training event has been meticulously arranged by MASA (Mizoram Aero-Sports Association) with support of NEC (North East …

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      Interview: Fatemah Eftekhari, Isfahan's shooting star
      13 July 2023INFO
      Fatemeh is one of the few Iranian pilots to have reached a high level, achieving incredible flight distances (241 km from Kermanshah to Hamedan). A few years ago, during a …

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      Tandem Pro Workshop Iran - May 2023
      13 July 2023EDUCATION
      The APPI tandem pro-workshop in Iran was held in Kiashahr, in the northern province of Gilan, on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea.

      Accommodation and theory classes were held …

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      Interview: François Ragolski Manu Bonte (10914)
      07 May 2023INFO
      Adventurer, world champion of acrobatics, APPI instructor.... François Ragolski tells us about his last incredible bivouac in the Himalayas and his paragliding school project "Glide Paragliding" with his partner Loraine …

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      Photo contest APPI Manu Bonte (10914)
      07 May 2023INFO
      Do you have a keen eye for capturing the magical moments we experience while flying? Then the APPI photo contest is for you!

      Share with the APPI pilot community a …

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      Pro Workshop XC instructor, Japan Manu Bonte (10914)
      06 May 2023EDUCATION
      April 2023, an XC instructor workshop took place in Japan, given by Manu Bonte with Aerotact, on the superb site of the Coo airpark.

      The magic formula: 3 top level …

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      Agreement signed with Tunisian Federation Manu Bonte (10914)
      06 May 2023INFO
      APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) and the FTSAAA (Tunisian Federation of Air Sports and Associated Activities) have signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement aims to strengthen ties between …

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      Pro-course CHECK & REPAIR, Japan, March 2023 Manu Bonte (10914)
      06 May 2023EDUCATION
      The professional training course "paraglider check and repair expert" which was scheduled for March 2020 in Japan could finally take place. It is an understatement to say that it was …

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      Cooperation agreement signed with the Oman Air Sports Committee Manu Bonte (10914)
      17 February 2023INFO
      The Omani Committee for Air Sports, headed by Dr. Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Jahuri, signed a cooperation agreement with APPI.
      It was agreed between the two parties to use the relevant …

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      Tandem Pro-workshop in UAE Manu Bonte (10914)
      17 February 2023EDUCATION
      January 16 to 22 at Sky Adventure School in the Al Faya desert, UAE was held a tandem pro-workshop organized by Shahin Fallah, APPI Master instructor and Middle East representative. …

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      PPG Instructor workshop , Rome Italy, 03-09 11 2022 Manu Bonte (10914)
      01 February 2023EDUCATION
      Ashref and his friends Younes and Wesam were flying PPG for almost 9 years in the beautiful skies of Libya, discovering the subtleties of the sport by themselves. With no …

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      Pro-course CHECK & REPAIR , Montevideo Uruguay, 03-08 December 2022 Manu Bonte (10914)
      17 January 2023EDUCATION
      The first professional training "expert in check and repair paragliding" was scheduled in March 2020... and it was the first of a long list of APPI pro-trainings canceled because of …

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      Pro-workshops TANDEM and INSTRUCTOR , Tucuman Argentina, 08-29 November 2022 Manu Bonte (10914)
      31 December 2022EDUCATION
      This double program of pro-workshops has a special history. It is the result of an ambitious cooperation agreement that was signed between the Argentinian Free Flight Federation "FAVL" and APPI …

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      Pro-workshop TANDEM , San Gil Colombia, 02-10 of June 2022
      23 November 2022EDUCATION
      This pro-workshop held with the approval of the Colombian Air Sports Federation "FEDEAEREOS" saw 36 pilots from different backgrounds and cultures converge on the famous Chicamocha Canyon: pilots from Ecuador, …

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      Stories from the APPI Wonderland
      23 November 2022INFO
      Edison Valencia Cano is a Colombian citizen. Owner of APPI pro tandem and instructor ratings, he had the opportunity to work as professional tandem pilot in Japan.

      The japanese APPI …

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      SHOP APPI association APPI (40000)
      02 July 2022INFO
      APPI shop is now open!

      Check our collection of cool Tee-shirts, sweatshirts and caps

      Be APPI! Show off the APPI attitude.


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      Tandem pro-workshop in Oludeniz Turkey Manu Bonte (10914)
      07 April 2022EDUCATION
      Two tandem proworkshops are scheduled in Oludeniz, Turkey
      abril 23-29 given in English
      mai 9-15 given in turkish

      also an instructor course is scheduled Mai 17-26

      details here

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      Tandem workshop and instructor proworkshop in India Manu Bonte (10914)
      29 November 2021EDUCATION
      January 2022

      a tandem pro-workshop

      and an instructor pro-workshop

      will be given in India.

      Given in English and Hindi

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      NEW APPI! Manu Bonte (10914)
      10 September 2021INFO
      New website, plenty of new features, new domain name...
      Let's fly further together!


      PPG and trike version are in short final!

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      Tandem course in Makedonia Manu Bonte (10914)
      10 September 2021EVENT
      Tandem course in Makedonia given by Mendo Veljanovski and Ivo Gerov just finished succesfully!

      Good weather, excellent level of the participants, new tandem pilots are joining the family!

      Congrats Mendo …